Swaasthya is a registered charitable trust that is recognised under Section 80G and 12AA of Income Tax Act, 1961
Swaasthya works on reproductive and sexual health issues
It specializes in innovative community based programming that is replicable and up scalable. This is in keeping with its vision of bridging the gap between the micro and the macro

Pointers to help you recognise us

In view of the confusion that may arise due to similar sounding names of organisations and also since swaasthya means health in Hindi, here are some pointers to help you recognise us–

Our logo is displayed above
We are spelt as SWAASTHYA
We were registered as a trust in February 1995
Our founder is Dr. Geeta Sodhi
Swaasthya head office at New Delhi, India
Branch office at Malegaon, Maharashtra NEW
  Swaasthya is a non-governmental organisation based in India. It was established in October 1994 and registered as a trust in February 1995.

The founder, Dr. Geeta Sodhi, perceived that grassroots realities were not well addressed within policies & programmes. That shaped Swaasthya’s vision of bridging the gap between the micro and the macro.

Through a fellowship awarded to Dr. Geeta Sodhi, a small-scale innovative reproductive health model was developed with the hope of taking it to a larger scale. A lot of exploration was done to see if mechanisms existed that scaled up successful innovative work. Unfortunately, such mechanisms did not exist. The urge to make this happen prompted Swaasthya to embark upon intervention research to generate empirical evidence to advocate with policy makers & planners. Ever since, intervention research has been Swaasthya’s key strategy for advocacy.

Over the years, Swaasthya has also realised the importance of addressing socio-cultural contexts in dealing with health issues. For e.g., women’s & adolescent girls’ status in society often adversely affects their reproductive and sexual health. Presently, gender issues are addressed in all its programmes. Increased understanding of rights issues has also been providing a framework for conceptualising, designing and implementing programmes.

  Adolescent girl in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
  Adolescent boy in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
  Adolescent boy in urban slums of Navi Mumbai
  Adolescent girl in urban slums of Navi Mumbai
  Evaluation of ARSH programme

The ARSH component has been evaluated using statistical tools and has shown positive outcomes. The ARSH
  component was developed based on the findings of Sexual Behaviour Research conducted in the community

  Think and Act
Swaasthya’s successful Reproductive & Sexual Health Model has been used as case studies for different audiences.  

 Friends & Supporters
This is to acknowledge all those who have believed in us and supported us in every possible way over the years:


The adolescent reproductive and sexual health (ARSH) component is being replicated in another community that  
  has similar socio-economic and cultural setting as where the model was developed and implemented.

Swaasthya, G - 1323, LGF, C.R. Park, N. Delhi - 110 019, India. Tel 91-11-26270153, Fax 91-11-26274690, E-mail: swaasthya@satyam.net.in